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About Otahuhu College


Otahuhu College opened in 1931 as the Otahuhu Junior High School, catering for forms one to three students.

In 1933, it became known as the Otahuhu Technical High School, with a capacity to cater for students through to senior levels of study. In 1947, it was renamed Otahuhu College.

In 1932, the school was divided into houses: Grey, Hobson, Massey and Seddon. This division originally for inter-house activities which is still the case but cultural activities have also been included as house based activities.

Always changing to meet the needs of the community, of which it is an integral part, Otahuhu College is widely respected for its strong academic, sporting and cultural achievements and it is proud of its continuing links with the people of South Auckland.

Otahuhu College has become a culturally diverse secondary school with a maximum student roll of approximately 1,400.

The school provides for a wide variety of educational courses and learning approaches to cater for the diverse needs of its students.


Otahuhu College wishes to uphold the proud tradition of being an education centre within the South Auckland community. The aim at Otahuhu College is to help students develop, to the fullest, their potential in all aspects of intellectual, social, emotional, aesthetic and physical development.


Otahuhu College as a dynamic learning community that is meeting the needs of its student population while maintaining the awareness of living in a rapidly changing society with diverse cultural needs.


The values of Otahuhu College are principles of behaviour applicable to all members of the college community.

  1. Respect – Respect for others, Respect for the environment, Respect for self.
  2. Tolerance – Willingness to recognise and respect the beliefs or practices of others.
  3. Self worth – A feeling of pride in yourself.
  4. Perseverance – A continuing and steady desire to achieve at the highest standard.
  5. Honesty – Continued following of processes of fairness and truthfulness